Many years ago I was in the process of writing a poem for my mom for Mother’s Day and I messed around and heard this song. The song said everything that I really wanted to say without me writing a word. As much as I continued to try to write my poem, these words continued to bounce around in my heart and my head. Truthfully I got mad at first because I could not create the poem that I wanted to write. Then, I decided to embrace the beauty of this song and today I’m dedicating this song to my mom and to all of the wonderful mothers out there (including my 2 sisters who sometimes think that they are my mom… lol). As much as I love the words in this song, there are so many more words that can be said about the love that my mom has administered… over the years. Her particular brand of love need to be packaged and shipped around the world (yes, she’s that AWESOME). I guess that’s why God gave her to me!!!
Check out Celine Dion singing Because You Loved Me. Video from Youtube.com


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