Happy Birthday to the Boss… Miss Ross.
Born and raised in Detroit, she rose to fame as a founding member and lead singer of the vocal group The Supremes.
I remember seeing her on Oprah talking about how she made sure that she was home every morning so she could cook her children breakfast and see them off to school. The kids even talked about how great a mother she was to them.
Children: Evan Ross, Rhonda Ross Kendrick, Tracee Ellis Ross, Chudney Ross, Ross Naess.
I saw her live twice. The first time I saw her in Charlotte, NC and the 2nd time, I saw her perform in Greensboro, NC. She really knows how to put on a show. Here she is singing “Missing You”.

2 thoughts on “THE BOSS

  1. I love some Diana Ross . I can never forget her concert in Central Park in New York City what a great woman. Happy 70th Birthday Ms. Ross !


    • She definitely is the original “DIVA”. Central Park was a great concert. She also did her thing at the Super Bowl… and flew away… in a helicopter! That’s my girl. I have “Endless Love” for her.


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