How can an airplane disappear into thin air? That is the question that is on a lot of people’s minds as the search continues for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. Is there another Bermuda Triangle? It has now been six days since the flight carrying 239 people went missing approximately and hour after departure. A few of the facts that are known about the missing airplane are listed below:
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1. The flight took off from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing early on Saturday, March 8,2014 It was due to land in Beijing, China at 11:30 PM on the same day.
2. The flight was carrying 227 passengers and 12 crew members.
3. There has not been any contact with the plane after a little over an hour after takeoff.
4. Two of the passengers listed on the flight manifest, (one from Italy and one from Austria) were reported as missing but they were not on the plane. They indicated that their passports had been stolen.
5. Reports surfaced that the flight may have turned back before going missing.
6. More than 40 planes and ships from at least 10 nations have been searching the area for the missing plane.
7. There have been no signs that an explosion in the air occurred.
8. No one has claimed responsibility for this tragedy and investigators are saying that terrorism is unlikely.
9. Investigators are looking into the mental or personal status of the crew.
10. The search area has been expanded from India to China.
There is much more to this story and more details are forthcoming as the story unfolds.



  1. Reblogged this on Mad at congress and the white house and commented:
    pray for the souls that have lost their lives in this crash, I still think it’s ridiculous they haven’t found them yet. They should be looking all over the place even in the sea. What about the report about after 4hrs after they crash they were still recieving contact. so my question is did they relly crash? or what’s up with that? I don’t think we will ever know because the government will hide it. If there is a survivor they will pay them off and tell them not to say anything. Tell me it’s not a top secret mission, which I think it is! I don’t know where they sent them but they had to send them somewhere. You can’t tell me this was an accident even if was, I will still never believe it…How about you? one pissed off American


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