A pastor in Kenya has apparently lost his mind but not his nerve. He has the nerve to forbid all women attending his service from wearing bras and underwear. There are many words that I can use to describe this man but I try to keep it positive here at studiotj. So in the spirit of positivity, I’ll just say he likes for the women of his church to feel free. Yeah, right! Check out the story below.
*A pastor in Kenya feels that when women wear underwear, they are not as close to God as they should be so…
Off with your drawers and bras, women!
According to the Kenyan Post, Reverend Njohi said women who attend his services at the Lord’s Propeller Redemption Church in Nairobi are forbidden from wearing bras and underwear. Njohi said when going to church, people need to be “free in body and spirit” so they can receive Christ.
Now, I don’t mean any disrespect here but, can’t you just picture God shaking his head and saying, “Forgive Him my people, he done lost his mind.”
Of course this rule only applies to the female population because men, it appears, can reach God just fine with their underwear on.
This isn’t an optional thing either, according to Metro:
The pastor added there would be grave consequences if his female members did not adhere to the new rule, which was reportedly adhered to as most women are said to have attended the next service with no underwear.
Mothers were told to check their daughters to make sure they don’t have underwear on, so they can be close to Jesus.
Thanks to Jezebel.com for excerpts of this article.

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