This is a post written by a friend. This post was done on October 18, 2013. It is the last post that the writer posted on her blog before she… got lazy?… took a break?… went into hibernation?… stopped writing??? I just don’t know. The post is touching. I am reblogging this in order to move her to post something else real soon.



In recognition of Domestic Awareness Month (October) I share this wonderfully moving video by Yolanda Adams which captures for me the pain that so many of our sisters are experiencing right now in abusive relationships. 

It took me a very long time to break free from a relationship that took away my self-esteem, my ability to think independently, my freedom to just be. 

It took prayer, support from real friends, and the belief that I deserved to be treated with love, respect and affection, not with violence and control. The numbers of women experiencing abuse from intimate partners is staggering. Over a million women each year are added to the statistics of those who are abused by their partners. Some of those women end up in death. We just cannot stand by and continue to let that happen.

Keep praying, keep supporting your abused friends, call the police when you…

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