I found this story online and can’t remember where I did. I just hope that no one gets upset with me posting it without giving them adequate credit. THIS……………… is crazy but, it speaks to the culture we are now living in. Men: Be careful and wrap it up (and dispose of your own waste-lol). Women: Stop this madness! Judges: Stop your madness!!! This article was dated Mar 23, 2011, but you have to know that it just sewed a seed (pun intended) in someone’s head. I’m listing this in the category as missing because this woman better be glad that she is not… missing after what she did.
stolen sperm
Wed, Mar 23, 2011
Are You Serious?, What’s Up

Okay! Now we’ve all heard of women who try to trap men by getting pregnant, but to go as far as to impregnate HERSELF!? You know it’s coming…wait for it…wait for it…C’MON SON!! WTH? This has got to be the most bizarre case for a child support order on record. He not only unwhittingly fathered a child with the woman, but was ordered to pay child support because she’s going around putting sperm in her cheeks like a squirrel saving it for winter.
Who does that? Obviously, Sharon Irons., M.D. Yeah! An educated woman…with problems. What was the purpose? What type of story will she tell her daughter when she’s older? Her parents fell in love and she sucked, I mean, she performed a sexual favor for her father and ended up with her…somehow. The craziest part is (wait! there’s no craziest part…this whole thing is ignant!) the test tube she spit in to start the ball rolling.
Chicago family physician Richard Phillips, sued Irons for a “calculated, profound personal betrayal.” He claims they never had intercourse in the time of their affair. But, the judges essentially said, “Somebody gotta pay for the baby now that it’s here and she is yours.”


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