snow and ice
snow storm

Posted below is a short video of the snow and ice that crippled Atlanta on yesterday, 1/28/2014. I actually was headed to a meeting yesterday in the city around 1:00 pm. The snow had already started around 10:00am but it was very light snow (you know, the dangerous kind). That snow (ice) was just a part of the layering process. Before I got into the city, I was advised that the snow was much heavier in the city and I decided not to go. GOOD CHOICE!!! I know several stories but none worse than a friend of mine who left work in the Ashford-Dunwoody area around 2:00 pm yesterday. The last time I spoke with her last night, it was around 10:00 pm. I sent her a text around 10:00 this morning and I learned that she was still stuck out in the snow and ice. She had been out there ALL NIGHT! I was devastated! She finally made it in around 2:00pm today (it usually takes her around 35-40 minutes at the most. There is enough blame to go around and I’m sure many lawsuits are already in the making. Sure, her story was bad, but there were many other stories as well. Reportedly, there have been some deaths also in this Georgia winter storm. There were school students who had to stay in the schools, there were students who spent the night on school buses on the interstate, there were people who abandoned their cars altogether (they walked for miles to get home). The stories of how a 2.6 inch snow/ice crippled a metropolitan city go on and on.


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