You might better go to Toys R Us and get you a toy because this woman is not to be played with. Check this story out.
According to NBC Washington:
A northern Virginia woman is being held without bond, accused of running down her ex-husband’s fiancée as the couple stood in a Lorton driveway, seriously injuring the woman. Margaret Henry, 48, drove a car off Belmont Boulevard, through the yard and struck the victim, investigators said. According to search warrant documents obtained by News4, the car then hit a utility trailer before stopping in the yard. The driver’s ex-husband restrained her until police arrived, according to the search warrant. Emergency crews found the victim “entangled in the windshield of 2013 Hyundai.” She was transported to Inova Fairfax Hospital with leg fractures that were so severe her lower leg had to be amputated. Police investigators used the search warrant to get blood and other samples from the wrecked Hyundai. Before Henry and her husband divorced a few years ago, the couple had loud arguments, neighbors said. “It was evil,” recalled Delores Moseke. “I heard them screaming bloody murder, using foul language. She was tough. She was a tough bird.” Another neighbor said she’s kept in touch with Henry even after she was divorced from her husband and moved to Triangle. “Well my first feeling for a few days now has been shock,” said Jeanne Clapp. “I would have never thought she’d do that.” Clapp said Henry phoned her over the holidays but the two only spoke briefly. She said she knew the couple had a stormy relationship but said Henry never talked about hurting anyone. “She hadn’t said anything like, ‘I’m going to go kill somebody.’ She didn’t say that,” Clapp said. Clapp and her husband sought and received permission to visit Henry next weekend in the Fairfax County Adult Detention Center. Don Clapp is a chaplain and hopes to take Henry a Korean bible. “We wanted to remind her Jesus loves her and we love her and it’s never too late to give your life to The Lord,” said Clapp.

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