Banana robbery

I’ve have many bananas in my life but none as good as this one must be. This man is either having some mental challenges or he is begging to go to jail. Come on man! Seriously???

Via NBC Washington reports: Police in Newington are looking for the man who they said committed a bizarre crime early this morning when he backed an SUV into a Connecticut gas station, stole a banana, ate and left in the damaged vehicle. Police responded to the Citgo Gas Station, located at 502 Cedar Street, after a burglary alarm went off at 1:48 a.m. and noticed extensive damage to the doors, police said. When they reviewed surveillance video, they saw a light-colored Ford Freestyle station wagon with Connecticut registration plates back into the store door several times and break the glass. Then, a man went into the store, took a banana from a shelf, peeled it, ate the fruit and left the store, police said. He man was not wearing a mask, did not try to conceal his face and did not take anything else, police said. As you can see from the photo, the man was wearing a dark jacket, dark pants and a brown hat. He fled in the same car, which has damage to the driver’s side rear bumper and tail light.

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