A few weeks ago… one of Duck Dynasty’s stars was in trouble about his views about gays. Today in the news is Boxing legend Evander Holyfield. In this clip from UK’s Celebrity Big Brother, Holyfield gives his opinion. Let’s see how long it takes for people to get mad at him for expressing his views.



  1. What are you saying? That nobody should be angry when a person calls our love un-natural or wrong? Sorry mate, but get your head out of you know where. Of course I am angry, For so many years I lived a stereotypical straight life, but I was being dishonest with myself and everyone around me about who I was. Since coming out, I am more at peace with myself, and I won’t just stand by while someone, who has no idea, rubbishes the way I feel. It is the same as atheists saying there is no God. Christians know that the atheist is wrong, but there is no convincing the atheist. Just as there is no convincing some straight people that gay is natural, right, loving, and God loves me just the way I am.


    • What I am saying is… Another high profile person has spoken out against the gay lifestyle and another firestorm seems inevitable. I am happy that you are now comfortable with your sexuality as everyone should be. However, we live in a society where EVERYONE has a right to their own opinion, both right and wrong. You have a right to be mad, he has a right to be anti-gay. I have a right to publish the story… There is one profound thing you said that I want to reiterate: God loves you and everyone, just the way you are. Have a blessed day!


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