Idaho v Florida State

One of the big news stories for sports fans as of late has been the potential charges facing Jameis Winston,the freshman quarterback, Heisman candidate, student athlete at Florida State University. There have been many sitting on the edge waiting to hear the announcement from the State Attorney’s office. There are many who have stated that Winston is benefiting from the fact that he is a star athlete/Heisman candidate as the reason that he is not being charged with rape.
State Attorney Willie Meggs said Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston will not be charged after his office completed its investigation of sexual assault accusations.
“No charges will be filed against Winston in this case,” said Meggs, who added that the timing of the decision had nothing to do with “Heisman demands or football schedule.”

“I know there was a sexual event that occurred. One party said it was consensual. The other party said it wasn’t,” Meggs said. “Did not feel we had sufficient evidence to go forward to trial to prove it was not consensual.”
Meggs was asked if Winston or athletes get preferential treatment in Tallahassee.

“I don’t think they do,” he said. “We try to treat everyone the same. I think we have a record of doing that over the past 29 years as I’ve been State Attorney.”
The lawyer of the alleged victim’s family released a statement after Meggs made the announcement that no charges would be made.

“The victim and her family appreciate the State Attorney’s efforts in attempting to conduct a proper investigation after an inordinate delay by the Tallahassee Police Department,” the statement read. “The victim in this case had the courage to immediately report her rape to the police and she relied upon them to seek justice. The victim has grave concerns that her experience, as it unfolded in the public eye and through social media, will discourage other victims of rape from coming forward and reporting.”
Meggs said that the accuser’s lack of memory was problematic in the case. “She can’t remember some of the things,” he said.


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