This post is based on a parody spotted on

This post is based on a parody spotted on
I saw this on and I thought it was so stupid that I had to post it for your entertainment.

A new NYPD program is stirring more controversy than the policy that it was designed to replace. The New York Police Department’s “Stop-and-Kiss” program is an effort to tamp down the complaints of the NYPD’s controversial Stop-and-frisk program that critics say targets black and Hispanic men.

Critics are calling the NYPD’s Stop-and-Kiss program a violation of privacy. Thousands took to the streets earlier this week to protest the new program. The new policy allows officers to kiss anyone who they believe looks suspicious.

New Yorkers who complain that they have been stopped and kissed say the new policy is even more intrusive than the Stop-and-frisk policy.

One New Yorker, Cory Clark, says the new policy is humiliating. “Going through my pockets, throwing my stuff on the ground. Kissing me on my neck and face. They pushed me up against the wall and started nibbling on my ear,” he said.

And Evan Vincent said, “Every time I go out and I see a cop I’m ready for him to come up, ask me questions, and give me a little kiss.”

Outgoing NY Mayor Bloomberg defended the new policy, saying “This program helps keep New Yorkers safe. If someone is suspected of a crime, officers should be allowed to question them and leave them with a small and reasonable kiss on the mouth.

Mark Brennan, a former NY police officer, also defended the program. “If you’ve got nothing to hide, then it’s not a problem. They just stop you, ask where you’re going, give you a gentle kiss or two and let you go.”


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