This is one of those songs that’s just so peaceful and serene. It’s just a reminder of the hope that we have in knowing that everything in this world is in GOD’S powerful hand. So whatever you may be experiencing today, just know that HE has his hands… on you! So you can now calm down and be at peace with your situation!!! Enjoy the remainder of your day.


2 thoughts on “HE HAS HIS HANDS ON YOU

  1. Hi Tim………..Happy New Year! God is sooooo good………….I’ve been in a funk for the past couple of days and on the brink of an emotional breakdown for various reasons. So as I’m sitting at my desk (on my lunch break) teary eyed and emotionally exhausted, I began scrolling through my list of web favorites/bookmarks looking of something to take my mind off of MY issues and I happened upon your blog. Needless to say……………I’m convinced that I was guided to this very post/song for conformation that HE has HIS hands on ME and everything will be ok! Thank you for your obedience even when you didnt know who you were posting this for. I pray all is well on your end.


    • What’s up Cha Green. Get out of that funk!!! Happy New Year to you as well! God is much too good for you to be in a funk. Thanks for checking in. Send me something interesting to post.


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