Dear TJ
Why is it that most parents tell their kids to tell the truth yet most kids lives
start out with a lot of falsehoods. I had the pleasure of talking to a mother I
know this week who told me how she just had to tell her 12 year old child that
there was not a real Santa Claus. She did this to protect her child who is now
in middle school and still believes in Santa. Her fear was that if classmates
found out she believed in Santa she would be bullied. This of course devastated
the child to the point that hours later she said to her mother this news must also mean
that the Easter bunny is not real either. So this makes me wonder what list of
other fictional characters like the tooth fairy, fairy god mother, the boogey
monster are we inundating our kids life with? And why? The truth is God !
-I’m A Bit Confused-

Dear Confused,
You’re not alone. You pose such a good question that I’m having difficulty giving you a proper answer. I’m certain that these “characters” were created for fun and entertainment purposes. What value do these “characters” add to these kids lives, though? And the contradiction is daunting to say the least. It’s no wonder that kids learn to lie at an early age. It seems that we breeding liars. I can remember when I was eight or nine years old and one of my older brothers told me that Santa was not real. I can’t begin to tell you how devastated I was. I would like for any of my readers to comment and tell me what you think about this topic. What can be done to stop this nonsense? Are you continuing the cycle? If not, what will you tell your kids? Let me know. Oh, and Confused, you are absolutely right: The Truth Is GOD!!!


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