One thing for sure is that you have no idea what another person on this planet is going through. Too many people make judgments in areas where they have no business. In this video clip, these YouTubers from GiveBackFilms interview homeless people in Atlanta and then give them $200. Listen at what they have to say.

The generous YouTubers from GiveBackFilms are back this week with a new act of kindness.

This time, Josh, Kyle, and Andrew interviewed homeless people in Atlanta, Ga., to “get a better understanding of their life.”

The young men found an assortment of people, all with poignant backstories. Some of the anecdotes are difficult to listen to — but watch the whole video. Because in the end, they surprised their interviewees with $200.

The cash may not have been enough to turn lives completely around, but the gratitude was immense nonetheless.

“Take pride in what you’ve got. If you’ve got a job or you’ve got a home, take care of it,” one man said. “I don’t care if… it’s a one-room shack. Be thankful for what you’ve got.”


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