What would you do if you went to a cemetery and not only heard strange noises…but you saw a had come up from a grave and then a head. This happened to a woman in Brazil. According to local reports, the woman, who has not been identified, was at a cemetery in Sao Paulo’s Ferraz de Vasconcelos when she heard some odd noises and saw some dirt moving near a grave. That’s when she spotted a man, buried alive, trying to pull himself from the ground.

“I was terrified to see a man who I thought was dead, trying to get out of the grave,” the woman recalled later, according to local reports.
It is not clear how the man ended up in the grave but it is believed that he had gotten in a fight and was buried alive. The people that he fought with had better watch out. This man has now risen… from the dead. Check out the video.


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