Let’s start the week out on a very positive and upbeat note. This video show that good deeds don’t always go unnoticed. This past week, Parade.com celebrated Sarah Hoidahl as our “Manners Hero of the Week.” Hoidahl, a single mom working as a waitress at Ruby Tuesday, paid for the lunch of two National Guard members after overhearing that their salaries had been docked due to the government shutdown. When Hoidahl overheard the two women say they would have a light lunch, she sprang into action and bought their lunch for them. She also thanked them for their service. After Ellen heard about this… she sprang into action. Ellen brought the young waitress on her show and gave her a 55″ tv and also $10,000. Check out the video below.


The other day I did a post about TD Jakes rebuking the reality tv show “Preachers of LA”. In the post, I commented about Tyler Perry donating $1 million dollars to Jakes ministry and then laying hands on him. In the article below, Jakes addresses Tyler Perry laying hands on him. I still stand by my original comments.

By Christine Thomasos, Christian Post Reporter

October 17, 2013|10:20 am

Bishop T.D. Jakes, the senior pastor of The Potter’s House megachurch in Dallas, Texas, is defending Christian film executive Tyler Perry, after the latter laid hands on him earlier this year.

Perry attended The Potter’s House earlier this year where he announced a $1 million donation to the establishment and laid hands on Jakes while praying for the bishop. While some criticized the exchange where Perry laid his hands on the bishop and seemed to preach, Jakes is defending Perry in JET magazine.

“When you start talking about prayer, no one is exempt from the need of it,” Jakes told JET. “It doesn’t matter who it comes from as long as it comes from a place of purity.”

Jakes indeed received prayer from Perry and accepted it with open arms before a congregation of over 30,000 who largely welcomed the moment.

“I pray the power of God all over you. I pray His favor,” Perry prayed for Jakes at The Potter’s House last September. “I pray the blood of Jesus will come upon you right now. Keep you in His care. God, I thank You for your blessings!”

Although he announced a $1 million donation to the Potter’s House youth center, Perry spoke about being compelled to give after attending Jakes’ “Woman Thou Art Loosed” conference led by Pastor Paula White. The film mogul emphasized the importance of giving.

“My intention was to just leave the check and bless God,” he said. “See, I love to give. I’ve been a giver all my life. You see, when people have given to you and sown into you and God has touched them and given you favor. When you have favor with…”

He also spoke about a concept that a church congregation would understand much better than Hollywood.

“See, they don’t understand where I come from,” Perry said at the Potter’s House last September. “They don’t understand it in Hollywood. But I’m gonna tell you something about the blood of Jesus.”


This is a sad story… This young girl really needs help. Another twist to this story should be that the girl should get an attorney and file a suit against Victoria Secret’s because she was not shoplifting. Check out the story below:

A security guard at the Victoria’s Secret in New York City’s Herald Square uncovered a dead fetus in the bag of a teenage customer Thursday afternoon, authorities said.

According to the Daily News, security personnel stopped two teenage girls at the midtown store to question them about shoplifting when the deceased baby was found.

“It was discovered that one of the females had what we believe to be a fetus [in her bag],” Sgt. Lee Jones of the New York Police Department told Business Insider.

One of the teens was taken to Bellevue Hospital for evaluation after the incident, which occurred at 1:24 p.m., a police department spokesman confirmed to The Huffington Post.

A medical examiner will perform an autopsy on the fetus to determine the cause of death.

It’s not clear whether one of the teen girls is the mother of the child. However, according to NBC New York, the hospitalized 17-year-old told police that she had suffered a miscarriage on Wednesday.

This story is developing


I am looking forward to seeing the above listed movie with so many mixed emotions. Even when I read the article below, it took me to a place of trepidation. Though slavery was bad enough, the fact that a free man would be tricked into slavery in this manner is as mind-boggling as it is evil. Check out the article below and tell me what you think. Will you be going to see tis movie?

12 years

’12 Years a Slave’ Casts Light on the Dark History of American Slave Hunters

By Meriah Doty
Solomon Northup, played by Chiwetel Ejiofor in “12 Years a Slave,” was not the only free black man in America to be forced into slavery — though he happened to be one of few men, women, or children who, during the mid-1800s, regained freedom on the other end of such an appalling ordeal.

Slave capture was all too common back then, Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. points out. “The further that North and South pulled apart in the antebellum years,” explains Gates, “the more tempting it became for slave catchers to venture north, across state lines, to rob free blacks under the pretense of retrieving fugitive slaves.” (Gates edited a new version of Northup’s 1853 memoir, on which the film is based; he also served as a consultant on the film and recently wrote an essay in honor of its theatrical release.)

As the United States expanded to the West, so did the demand for cheap human labor. It was difficult to meet the ever-growing demand, also because Congress banned the import of African slaves in 1807. Those elements made the hunt for free black Americans, north of the Mason-Dixon line, all the more enticing to slave hunters.

And it was profitable. “His slaves were more valuable than his land, and almost every year his human quarry increased,” writes Daniel J. Sharfstein in “The Invisible Line,” the story of one slave catcher from Kentucky. “When a young man named Henry disappeared one late summer night in 1858, it was as if $1,500 had fallen out of [his] coat.”

Yes, it was illegal, but the practice of kidnapping black Americans into slavery was rarely prosecuted. And even after a lengthy trial, Northup’s own kidnappers were never found guilty.

Slave catchers regularly lied about their crime, according to Gates. They would claim that their victims were runaway slaves, the lawful property of Southern owners, and that they needed to be returned.

Since much of this activity went unchecked, there is no official figure for the number of free blacks who were kidnapped into slavery. “Abolitionists put it in the thousands a year while Harriet Beecher Stowe, the author of ‘Uncle Tom’s Cabin,’ put it in the ‘hundreds… all the time,'” Gates notes. Confederate dragnets captured roughly 1,000 blacks during the Gettysburg campaign alone — largely in areas where slavery had been abolished, according to historian David G. Smith (via the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette).

Those are large numbers — though even one person forced into slavery, living under the constant threat of, or experiencing directly, great physical harm, even death, is too much. But even larger still are the number of slaves who were brought from Africa to the Americas during the 365-year slave trade: 11 million, experts estimate. Slavery was legal when the United States, a supposedly free country, was formed in 1776. And the oppressive, cruel institution lasted for 250 years.

“Like the Holocaust in Europe, their stories cannot be told and retold enough,” Gates says. “While the Unites States received about 400,000 of these Africans shipped directly from the Continent, by the outbreak of the Civil War, their descendants had grown to some four million.”

“12 Years a Slave,” also with Brad Pitt, Michael Fassbender, and Lupita Nyong’o, opens in limited release on Friday and nationwide on November 1.


I was having a conversation last week about this song and couldn’t remember the name of it.
THIS… is one of those songs that takes me there. You may ask yourself “where is there?” You’ll understand it better… by and by. I remember when I first heard it, I loved the music and couldn’t really understand what Marvin Sapp was saying. Each time I heard it, I got something new out of it. That still happens even to this day. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


When I saw this article below (I got if off of Bossip.com) it got on my nerves. To me, in this instance, TD Jakes is the pot calling the kettle black. One of the most unnerving things in churches nowadays is the “spiritual manipulation that goes on”. It happens in a lot of churches and especially mega churches. It seems to me that these preachers are about that money and will put on a glorified show to get it. In all honesty, I love hearing Jakes preach the word. But… he’s no angel either. Just recently I saw a video with Tyler Perry donating money to Jakes’ church and before he left, Tyler Perry laid hands on Jakes. I’m not the true and righteous judge, but it looked like “ALL SHOW”. If you missed it, take a look for yourself:

At any rate, I am a big reality tv person and I think if you watch this show, you will definitely get a glimpse of some of the realness in churches (both good and bad). And… you see it in all churches. A note to TD Jakes: Before you judge others, take a good look at yourself and you won’t find as much to judge. -see the article below-

Bishop T.D. Jakes Criticizes “Preachers Of L.A.” Reality Show
Well-known preacher Bishop T.D. Jakes is laying on the slander something serious following the first episode of Oxygen’s new “Preachers of L.A.” reality show. According to EEW Magazine, Bishop Jakes openly spoke out against the show while recently addressing the congregation at his ever-popular ‘Potter’s House’ church home in Dallas, TX. Here’s what he had to say: “Now, I know you been watching that junk on TV. I want to tell you right now, not one dime of what you’re sowing right now will buy my suit. I want you to know my car is paid for. I want you to know I got my house on my own. I want you to know I’m not bling-blinging. I am not shake and bake. I had money when I came to Dallas and I plan to have some when I leave.” You did not buy what I got. I had it when I came here. You know I had it when I came here. The devil is a lie! I have sold enough books and produced enough movies. I don’t need your offering to pay for this little slimy suit. So I rebuke that spirit in the name of Jesus Christ.” He rounded out his rant by insisting that the money given to his church from its’ members is used for giving back to the community and not taking or stealing from it to fund his lavish lifestyle. “The people who have been here a while can go through my track record and prove when I said something, I did it. When we went after something, we bought it. When we wanted the land, we paid for it. When we wanted the school, we built it. When we went after this church we burned the mortgage on this church. You don’t do that kind of business being shake and bake and slimy and—shut up. So let the work I’ve done speak for me. You are sowing into good ground. And the 300 families that are employed in this ministry eat from this ministry, work in this ministry, and help us to produce the excellence that we do. The natives all over Kenya drink water because of this ministry. And the hospital in Nairobi survives because of this ministry.” Normally we’d suggest that people speaking out against reality shows featuring their peers are just salty that they weren’t included, but given his notoriety, that’s a moot point in this case as we’d find it hard to believe that Bishop Jakes wasn’t approached to do the show (or one similar since he doesn’t pastor in L.A.) and turned it down.


This man and woman started out wanting one more child to add to the four they already had. Surprise, surprise!!! They had 5 instead. They are called the Derrico quintuplets and were born at the Banner Desert Medical Center in Arizona. The two boys and three girls are named Deniko, Dariz, Deonee, Daician and Daiten. They were born weighing a couple of pounds each but their mother was able to carry them just past eight months which is a rare occurance for multiple births. The couple indicates that they did not use fertility drugs to get pregnant. They are from Las Vegas and moved to Arizona for treatment. The family does not plan on staying in Arizona.


When I read the article below, it really blew me away. I watched this kid on Chef Gordon Ramsey’s MasterChef in 2012. As a matter of fact, this was my favorite contestant because he could cook his tail off. Even though he came in 2nd place that year, there was no one who could compare to this kid. Apparently, he had been dealing with some mental health issues and ultimately committed suicide. I’m also posting this video in his memory. What a shocker. The lesson here is that you have no idea what another person on this planed is going through.

‘MasterChef’ runner-up Joshua Marks commits suicide at 26

Gael Fashingbauer Cooper TODAY

Joshua Marks, a former contestant on “MasterChef,” committed suicide on Friday.

Joshua Marks, the 7-foot-2-inch runner-up on the Fox cooking show “MasterChef,” committed suicide on Friday in Chicago, the Cook County Medical Examiner’s office confirmed to TODAY.

The cause of death was a gunshot wound to the head.

Marks has been battling mental-health issues recently, and in late summer was taken to a Chicago-area medical facility after being arrested and charged with aggravated battery against a police officer. His lawyer told CNN that during that altercation, Marks “suffered serious facial wounds from a self-inflicted gunshot.”

According to the Chicago Tribune’s July report, the troubled chef felt that he had been “possessed by ‘MasterChef’ judge Gordon Ramsay who turned him into God.”

Marks, who had bipolar disorder, had worked with the Make A Sound Project, a non-profit group that seeks to use music to raise awareness of issues related to suicide.

On Saturday, Gordon Ramsay tweeted condolences. “Just heard the devastating news about Josh Marks,” Ramsay wrote. “My thoughts are with his family & friends at this tragic time.”

The “MasterChef” official website and Facebook page also remembered the contestant friends dubbed the “gentle giant,” posting, “All of us at MasterChef, Shine America, One Potato, Two Potato and FOX are incredibly saddened by the news of Josh Marks’ passing. He was a wonderful person and an incredible talent. Our hearts and prayers go out to his family and friends.

Marks came in second on the third season of “MasterChef” in 2012, losing to Christina Ha, the first-ever blind contestant.