I once heard someone say that there is so much that you don’t see that goes on in this world. If some of the things that we see begin to compare with the things we don’t, I can’t even begin to imagine. So sad.
When deputies noticed a 2005 Toyota parked in the entrance of Pride Elementary School in Deltona, they stopped to investigate, according to the Sheriff’s Office. The deputy explained to Thompson that he was trespassing on school property before asking the Deltona man why the zipper on his pants was open, the affidavit stated. Thompson reportedly told the deputy that he and his passenger, who he described as “his date” — and also his step daughter — were involved in a sexual relationship and had been trying to hide their affair from his wife, who is also the woman’s mom, according to the arrest report. After Thompson was arrested for Trespassing on School Grounds, deputies then searched his car and found a “Koozie” behind the passenger’s seat containing 51 Dilaudid pills for which he had no valid prescription, according to the arrest report. Thompson then allegedly ‘fessed up to being on “Federal pre-trial release” out of Tennessee. He also stated that a condition of his release forbids him from possessing prescription medications, deputies said. His step daughter was issued a trespass warning. Thompson is charged with Trafficking in Hydromorphone and Trespassing on School Property, records show.


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