I’m glad to report that the 14-year old girl who had been abducted from her home has been found alive. Two suspects, not the ones shown previously in the sketch, have been arrested. Authorities identified Wildrego Jackson and Juan Alberto Contreras-Rodriguez as the suspects. Their pictures are shown above. There is much more to this story and you best believe we’ll hear more in the coming days/weeks.
There was some information released on yesterday that indicated a connection between the teenager’s mother and one of the supects, Rodririguez.
Maria Corral was arrested in 2012 with Contreras-Ramirez in a marijuana trafficking bust in McDonough, GA, in which 500 pounds of the drug were seized. Corral was never indicted in the drug trafficking case and the charge against here was subsequently dropped.
All of this is a hot mess. I really feel for the kids involved in this. They are apparently caught up in the middle of this madness.

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