The two men being sought by police for the abduction of a 14-year old Georgia girl pictured above, are proving that they are dumber than can be imagined. During a home invasion, the two suspects took Ayvani Hope Perez from her home early Tuesday morning. According to conflicting reports, the good part about the whole ordeal is that the family has spoken with the missing girl (still yet to be confirmed).
Conflicting reports are also saying that a law enforcement official confirmed that Dumb and Dumber, the two suspects, are demanding ransom for the safe return of the young girl. Police say that when the suspects took the 4 foot 9 inch, 93 pound girl, she was wearing blue and gray pajama bottoms and a “Superheroes” shirt.
See the sketches below of Dumb and Dumber. I cannot imagine what this child is going through.It’s bad enough that they have kidnapped this child, but now they are demanding money. They must not watch much tv. At any rate, they will be on it themselves soon…because they are going to get caught. I’m looking forward to doing an update story.


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