This is one of the craziest things I’ve heard in a while. Some women have taken deception to new heights. I was talking to a co-worker earlier who told me that he had been listening to the Rickey Smiley Morning Show when he heard that the man had discovered that his girlfriend had purchased a fake positive pregnancy test on Craigslist. I tried to find audio of the show but could not. I did find the story listed below. Word to these desperate women: If you need a man that desperately you certainly won’t know what to do with him once you get him. See the story below.
fake pregnancy
By Ben Axelson |
Women around the country are selling used positive pregnancy tests on Craigslist, according to reports that began popping up last week.

One mother in Buffalo, NY advertised used tests for $25 each, according to MailOnline.

Some of the sellers offer ways to get creative with your second-hand purchase.

“Wanna get your boyfriend to finally pop the question? Play a trick on mom, dad or one of your friends,” writes one seller in New Jersey.

Others have taken the “no questions asked approach.” One listing in Manhattan reads, “I’m pregnant and will sell you my positive pregnancy test for $20. I don’t care what you need them for.”

And apparently there’s a market. Other listings want to buy the used tests, or in some cases offer to just buy a pregnant woman’s urine. Motives range from revenge to educational purposes.

The phenomenon began back in May, according to The Stir. The listing from the seller read:

“Yes, you saw that right! I am selling positive pregnancy tests! Ever since I became pregnant, I have been asked numerous times for a positive test, so I decided to start charging for it! I will take the test the same day you want to pick it up! I dont care what you use it for, not my business! ;)”

“Fake prank positive pregnancy tests” have also appeared on ebay for $42, advertised as “So darn amusing!!!” and “Simply the funniest prank possible!!!!”

The apparent popularity of the used tests prompted one man to retaliate. The Celebrity Cafe reported that one man posted an ad for “Sperm Free Semen.”

“Since ladies are selling their POSITIVE pregnancy tests. Here is you chance to get even. Tell her you’re sterile and prove it with my semen. I got snipped 7 years ago and tested for verification last month. Your $125. gets a fresh sample delivered to your door. What you do with it is up to you.”

But don’t get too excited. The Inquisitor reports that in spite of the media attention, the ads are mostly confined to big cities like Philadelphia, New York and Chicago. The fad is not yet very widespread, and ads for buyers are even more scarce.

A quick search for “pregnancy test” on yields zero results, but the screengrab above is from a listing in North Tonawanda, posted on August 31.


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