I did a post on or about March 21st called “State of the World Today”. It was about a young child in his stroller being shot and killed by two would-be robbers. The two suspects were ultimately apprehended but wait a minute…………….. There is new evidence that suggests the parents may be involved in this crime against their own child and the two “suspects” Check out the article below and tell me what you think. If this is true, there are no words… Correction: There are words but they are not fit to be said.

Above is a news report of the initial incident.
Back in March, we reported the story out of Brunswick, Georgia, where two African American teenagers, De’Marquise Elkins, 17, and Dominique Lang, 15, were arrested for allegedly walking up to a white woman with her baby in a stroller and attempting to rob her. The mother, Sherry West, was shot and her 10-month-old son, Antonio Santiago, was shot and killed.

That was the story when they were arraigned on March 25, but new evidence has surfaced that questions the validity of all of the events reported. The parents, Sherry West and Louis Santiago, both tested positive for gunshot residue on their hands after the crime was committed. This tidbit has been kept under wraps until now. According to Addicting Info, the defense attorney for the boys had to demand that this information, that has been withheld for months, be released.

Ten-month-old Antonio Santiago was fatally shot between the eyes on March 21, but now it is not certain who is behind the crime now that this new evidence is being introduced. In our story, it was clear that the police were not completely taken in by the story that was given by West and an investigation into the incident ensued. Sherry West’s daughter immediately came forward questioning her mother’s story.

Ashley Glassey, 21, said she was taken from her mother when she was eight because of her mother’s mental issues that led to her abuse. She also told reporters that her mother had asked how soon she think she would receive an insurance check from her son’s death. West also mentioned in the initial story that her son was stabbed to death in New Jersey five years ago. (Investigators may want to take a look at that case as well.)

The father, Louis Santiago, couldn’t be reached for an interview because he’s in jail for domestic abuse. The plot seems to thicken every second on these two. This wouldn’t be the first time that black men have been charged with crimes against white women and later found innocent of the crime.
-Article found on Bossip website-

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