If you live in the Atlanta area, here’s an upcoming event you may not want to miss. On June 6, 2013 Artways Gallery Presents: Fusion of The Arts (see flyer above).
One of the features guests is a friend. Her name is Pauline Mansfield. She is the author of The Turtle Story (about domestic violence), and The Chess King. She’ll have both of those available for purchase. The event will be held at 50 Upper Alabama St. Atlanta, GA 30303 (Underground Atlanta) from 5:00 PM until 8:00PM.

2 thoughts on “FUSION OF THE ARTS

  1. The game of chess, sometimes associated with warlike violence where players seek to destroy their opponents’ minds, is sometimes overrun by brash behavior and self loathing. Example: At the 1992 Idaho Open played at the no longer existing University Inn in Boise, Idaho, a player who shall remain nameless was winning their final round game and was preparing to collect a monetary prize, except the “blunder” reared it’s ugly head, causing the player to drop a piece (i.e. lose it for no compensation) resulting in an uncontrolled show of anger. After sweeping all the pieces off the board onto the floor, the said player grabbed the king and threw it the length of the room, missing Mr. Buckendorf’s head by a couple of inches. In a chess tournament atmosphere that would make a library or church service seem loud by comparison, the chess piece made a resounding thump against the drywall. Without missing a beat, Glen calmly reached down and picked up the king, gently placing it on the table beside his score sheet while never losing focus on his own game. Glen thematically drew his expert opponent and finished the event in second place.


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