Domestic violence is one of those things that should not happen. BUT it does, and at an alarming rate. Statistics say that one in four women will be domestically abused at one point in their lives. That is really a shame. As a former police officer, I responded to many domestic violence calls. My take away from that experience was that you never know what goes on behind closed doors. This past weekend, I read a book written by a friend that talked about her experience with domestic abuse and I have to be honest in saying that I was SHOCKED that it happened to her. The book is called THE TURTLE STORY: 7 Steps to Breaking Free from Domestic Violence. It is written by Pauline Mansfield and it is remarkable. Not only does she tell her story, but she offers steps (seven of them) to help a person to get out of that situation. I highly recommend this book.
Yesterday, I saw a clip and read an article from Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday program from this past weekend. In the clip, Oprah talked with Dr. Maya Angelou about her experience with domestic violence. Read the article below:
In this clip from “Super Soul Sunday,” Dr. Angelou shares the shocking story of her abuse at the hands of an ex-boyfriend, not only revealing an incident in which he beat her, but also alleging that he held her captive for several days before Dr. Angelou’s determined and heroic mother, Vivian Baxter, came to her rescue. This story, which Dr. Angelou also shares in her latest book, “Mom & Me & Mom,” shows just how courageous, passionate and powerful Vivian was, prompting Oprah to call it “the greatest story of all the stories.”
Dr. Angelou says that a “loving” and “wonderful” man she had been dating picked her up after work one day and drove her to a romantic spot in San Francisco. “I thought we were at a romantic place out by the bay,” Dr. Angelou says. “And he hit me with his fists — and he had been a prize fighter. He hit me, he beat me. Sometimes I’d go unconscious.”
The next thing she knew, Dr. Angelou had been driven to a restaurant, where the man showed off to other men what he had done. “He said, ‘This is what you do to a b- who’s cheating on you,'” Dr. Angelou recalls. What the man may not have realized was that the restaurant owner was a friend of Dr. Angelou’s mother Vivian. The owner called Vivian to tell her what had happened to her daughter.
“My mother went to her pool hall [that she owned]… and got the baddest, most scarred-up people she could find and she said, ‘I want you to come with me,'” Dr. Angelou tells Oprah.
What followed after they were able to locate a captive Dr. Angelou three days later was a dramatic rescue that prompts Oprah to say, “I wouldn’t mess with Vivian Baxter!”



  1. Not enough can be said toward this effort to stop such a horrible condition as Domestic Abuse. Thank you for doing your part Tim. This is now my life’s mission and I thank you for not only sharing my book but the importance of all of us standing up to do our part to save the lives of our loved ones. It is easy to look the other way, say “Oh what a shame”, and use the drama in these bad bad situations as fodder for gossip. But it IS harder to pick up the phone to call the police when you hear a disturbance next door, or to take in a friend when she has no where else to go; it may be even harder to confront an abuser who is verbally abusive to someone you love.
    I implore my sisters and brothers to take that hard road! None of us want to look back and say “IF ONLY”. Nothing in this life worth doing is ever easy. But when the results can save or change a life for the good it is truly the right thing to do. God is always watching – make the right choice.

    The Turtle Queen – Rejoicing in Freedom!


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