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This is a story that is being repeated all too often in this country nowadays. I’m afraid that this epidemic (yes, I called it an epidemic) is going to get worse before it gets better. On one hand you have people who don’t want you to bother with gun control legistation. On the other hand you have a society traversing its way out of control. Far too many kids are getting their hands on guns, and using them. Someone better do something …..and fast. Check out the story below.

Newser) – It has been a bad week for kids in Texas, with three shootings involving children under 10 years old, one of them fatal, taking place in the space of four days, Raw Story reports. On Wednesday, a five-year-old shot his seven-year-old brother with an old rifle while the two played unsupervised in the bath. On Thursday, a two-year-old fatally shot himself in the head with his dad’s handgun, while his father was busy elsewhere in the room, says Raw Story. And yesterday, an eight-year-old shot his five-year-old friend in the head with a rifle, as the two played alone in a bedroom. The boy is in a critical condition in hospital, the Denton Record-Chronicle reports.

Two of the guns used were .22-caliber rifles, similar to the one with which a five-year-old accidentally killed his two-year-old sister in Kentucky earlier this month. The grandfather of the children spoke out this week, saying his grandson was too young to have a gun and that it was a cultural problem in rural Kentucky. “Too many people think it’s (guns) for target practice. Well, what comes after target practicing—killing. I know, I was in the Marine Corps,” he told the Star Democrat. “When you pick this (gun) up, you’re usually going to kill something



  1. When police found Lanza’s body — killed by a single, self-inflicted shot from a Glock 10 mm handgun — they also discovered that the Bushmaster rifle was loaded with 14 bullets in its 30-round capacity magazine, plus one round in a chamber.


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