I really hope they find the people who are responsible for this.
A Brunswick (GA) woman was reportedly shot in the leg by two young assailants who then shot her 13-month-old son once in the head as he sat in his stroller. The baby died at the scene.
One suspect is believed to be 13 to 15 years old. The younger suspect may be as young as 10, Brunswick Police Chief Tobe Green said, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.
The woman who is recovering from her leg wound, told police she tried to shield her baby but the armed robbers shoved her aside and shot the child.
“He said ‘I’m going to kill you if you don’t give me money,’ and I said, ‘I swear I don’t have any,’” the mother, Sherry West, said in a tearful interview with WAWS-TV of Jacksonville.
“I put my arms over my baby and he shoves me and then he shot my baby right in the head,” West said.
The incident occurred at 9:15 a.m. in a residential neighborhood. Police are canvassing the neighborhood looking for witnesses.
“This is obviously a terrible day in Brunswick,” Brunswick Mayor Bryan Thompson said. “Please call if you know something. You are complicit in this crime.”
Antonio’s father, Louis Santiago, told the TV station he wishes he could have been there to protect his family.
“He was special,” Santiago said. “He had the bluest, bluest eyes.”
Police are offering $10,000 for information leading to the apprehension of the killers.



Sisters-In-Law Natalie (left) and Derrica

Proverbs 29:18 says: Where there is no vision, the people perish. This post today is about vision. I read an article in People Magazine yesterday that moved me beyond words. One of the things that was reiterated in the article is that there are angels right in our midst. No, they don’t always fly around with wings but they function with the heart of God, right where they are.
Before I get too far ahead of myself, let me tell you what I’m talking about. In the February 2, 2013 People magazine, Nicole Weisensee Egan eloquently writes an article about the Black & Missing Foundation. This Foundation is the vision of sisters-in-law Derrica and Natalie Wilson. Their vision is to see to it that the police pay attention when people of color disappear. After witnessing main stream media ignore the black and missing in case after case, the Wilson sisters began their Foundation in 2008.
Derrica is a former cop and Natalie is a communications specialist. Together, they use their skills to work with the police, the media, and the families on a number of missing-persons cases. Yesterday, I reached out to Natalie @ She provided me the following profiles of missing persons. Please take a look at them and say something if you know something.

Missing Persons Profiles:

Terrilynn Monette

Athena Joy Curry

Leon Allan Addison

Kamanthe Landry

Samuel Jones

Phoenix Coldon

Amir Jennings

Bianca Chanel Green

Maayimuna Nyeeleni Njayi N’Diaye

I will be posting more about this organization and their upcoming events soon.


It’s been a few years since Michael Vick (Former Atlanta Falcon Quarterback and current Philadelphia Eagle Quarterback) was convicted on dog fighting charges. He’s managed to work his way through the penal system and has gotten his life back on track. But… that hasn’t stopped some of these people who are filled with evil from coming after him. Vick has had to cancel some of his book signings after credible threats have been made against him. Vick recently addressed the cancellations and threats. “That’s a very selective few of people, very small, selective few people who still have their own form of hatred, but I think the most important thing for me to do is to continue to stay positive. Continue to do the right things because that’s what’s going to make a difference,” said Vick.
Peta is still maintaining their stance that since Vick has been convicted of committing such heinous crimes against dogs, he should never be able to own one.
Late last year, Vick confirmed that his family now has a dog.
Ok, Vick has been convicted and has served his time in prison and on probation. It’s time (past time) to leave this man alone. There have been many people convicted of murder and are now out of jail. Should they be banned from dealing with mankind? Doggone, the thought process of some of the people gets crazier by the day.


I’m posting this again.  Please check it out.

If you are a jazz connoisseur, you have got to check out Vanessa TRULOVE. She sent me an email the other day and I want to share her information with you. Don’t forget to give her your support.

“I’m proud to announce the debut of my weekly radio broadcast, The Jazz Oasis. It’s a 2-hour program which spotlights a different Jazz artist each Sunday evening from 9-11 EST.

If you have an opportunity to log in for any length of time, I will greatly appreciate your support.

It will be airing live on a small station in Camden, Arkansas on Sundays on Magic 104.5 OR via the Tune-In App on your smart phone or tablet.
The link is located below and if you really want to help me out, you can give your comments on the Magic 104 Online OR Jazz Oasis Radio Face book pages.” Please select Magic 104.5


A Manhattan attorney jumped from her eighth floor Upper Manhattan apartment with her baby in her arms Wednesday morning.

Cynthia Wachenheim, 45, died on impact with the ground but, miraculously, her 10-month-old son Keston survived the impact, DNAinfo reports.

Wachenheim held the baby to her chest before she leaped. As she hit the ground, the boy bounced off her chest and started crying. A passerby ran to pick the infant up just as police and emergency responders arrived.

The attorney, known to friends as “Cindy”, leaped from an eighth story window of The Sutton building on West 147th street, at about 3:25 p.m., after arguing with her husband. Police believe he left the building before she jumped.

“I heard a small scream when she was in the air, and then I heard a nasty bang,” neighbor Steven Dominguez, 18, told “It sounded like a big piece of wood hitting the ground.”

Dominguez’s mother, Adelina Dominguez, 45, ran to the wailing infant to pick him up.

“I saw the baby on the ground and I tried to pick it up, to comfort it, but the police told me not to,” she said.

Wachenheim started working as an associate attorney for the New York State Supreme Court in 1997. She recently took a leave of absence.

“All of us in the court family are saddened by this tragic incident,” said David Bookstaver, a courts spokesman. “Our thoughts are with her family during this difficult time.”

“They looked like a really happy family,” said neighbor Yaa Dwamney, 32. “I never would have thought she would be dead.”


As you should be able to tell by now, I have a thing about posting interesting videos. This video reiterates someting that I have known for a long time. We take too much in tis life for granted. This is the video of a four year old blind boy taking hisfirst step off of a sidewalk. He is encouraged by his mom who is obviously proud of him. When was the last time that you took a step out on something blindly? Kudos to this little boy for trying to make his way. Hopefully this video encourages someone to step out and do something that they never did before. IMAGINE THE POSSIBILITIES!




For all of the naysayers out there, Tiger has again proved that he has that staying power. Tiger Woods won the
WGC-Cadillac Championship at Doral this past weekend to mark his 76th PGA Tour win. He is now six (6) behind Sam Snead’s all-time best of 82.
His caddie, Joe LaCava, said this was Woods’ best 72-hole performance since hooking up with him in October 2011. Woods took only 100 putts, the lowest total in his PGA Tour career. His 27 birdies were just one short of the most he has ever made in an event.

He won for the fifth time in 50 weeks, the second time in 2013 and narrowed the gap on No. 1 Rory McIlroy in the Official World Golf Rankings.


Sometimes I just can’t believe this stuff. Someone must be making this for a movie. At any rate, this video shows an 82 year old black lady being dragged off of the train in Florida for singing. Yes you heard it correctly, singing.
An 82-year-old woman was tossed off a train in Miami last month for refusing to stop singing.
In cell phone video shot by a fellow passenger, the woman, Emma Anderson, is shown seated on the Metrorail, loudly singing a gospel song and slapping her thigh with rolled-up paper.
A security guard is then seen asking Anderson to stop. When Anderson refused, the guard grabbed her rolling luggage cart.
“You’re getting off here,” he can be heard telling Anderson. “Let’s go.” A struggle between the guard and Anderson ensued, and Anderson was pulled off the train, falling onto the platform at the downtown stop, about six miles from her intended destination of North Miami.
“It was not right for them to drag her off the train,” Donal Anderson, the woman’s son, told Miami’s WSVN-TV.
A spokeswoman for Miami-Dade Transit told the network that Anderson violated its noise policy, which prohibits commuters from singing, dancing and playing instruments.
The policy is outlined on the transit service’s website under the “Creating a Nuisance” section. Prohibited activities include:
Impeding or hindering bus or train operators in the performance of their duties.
Playing any radio television, cassette player, recorder or other sound-producing device or musical instrument without the use of earphones. These devices and instruments may be played along the linear park underneath the Metrorail guideway only if they are not annoying or a nuisance.
Creating a nuisance and using any insulting or obscene language.
“We regret that Ms. Anderson had to eventually be escorted out,” the spokeswoman said in a statement, “but regardless of age, all passengers need to abide by rules associated with using transit.”
“Well, y’all may call it ‘noise,'” the elderly South Floridian scoffed, “but wait till Jesus comes. It’s going to be more noise in there!”
How do you spell: GONNA GET PAID???!!!