It’s been a few years since Michael Vick (Former Atlanta Falcon Quarterback and current Philadelphia Eagle Quarterback) was convicted on dog fighting charges. He’s managed to work his way through the penal system and has gotten his life back on track. But… that hasn’t stopped some of these people who are filled with evil from coming after him. Vick has had to cancel some of his book signings after credible threats have been made against him. Vick recently addressed the cancellations and threats. “That’s a very selective few of people, very small, selective few people who still have their own form of hatred, but I think the most important thing for me to do is to continue to stay positive. Continue to do the right things because that’s what’s going to make a difference,” said Vick.
Peta is still maintaining their stance that since Vick has been convicted of committing such heinous crimes against dogs, he should never be able to own one.
Late last year, Vick confirmed that his family now has a dog.
Ok, Vick has been convicted and has served his time in prison and on probation. It’s time (past time) to leave this man alone. There have been many people convicted of murder and are now out of jail. Should they be banned from dealing with mankind? Doggone, the thought process of some of the people gets crazier by the day.


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