I got a phone call last night from my very excited baby brother. Well, he’s not really a baby any more but my baby brother nonetheless. He was extending an invitation to me, to come to visit him in Fredericksburg, Va. so that we could go out to find Kunta Kinte. Yes, that Kunta Kinte.
Alex Haley first introduced us to his great, great, great grandfather many years ago in the made for television mini-series, Roots. There are some who think that Kunta Kinte is a fictional character, yet Kunta Kinte was real.
Kunta Kinte’s grave is located at what is now Loriella Park in Spotsylvania Virginia. In the back of the park there is a frisbee golf course, and off in the woods by the second hole there is an old slave cemetery. It is not specifically marked as the grave of Kunta Kinte…but it is widely regarded by locals of the area to be the location of his grave.
My brother used to live very close to that area and now he has come upon the information that Kunta Kinte is buried there. This is a trip that I plan to make soon.
Though we may not find the actual grave where Kunta Kinte is buried, we’ll have a terrific time trying. And I can’t imagine the emotions that will surface being on what I consider as sacred ground as we hunt to find Alex Haley’s great, great, great grandfather’s grave. To be continued………

40 thoughts on “WHERE IS KUNTA KINTE?

  1. Was wondering have you made the trip yet and if so please let me know for I want to take my sons and specially my husband for he is from Africa and had relatives whom where brought here as well! Thanks

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    • Melissa, Thanks for your comment/question. I still have yet to visit but by brother, Nivek, did in fact go to the place that was thought to be Kunte’ Kinte’s gravesite. You are welcome to check out the pictures that he took around that area on my site. Check on the post in my archives dated 2/26/2013. Again, thanks for checking out my site, studiotj.wordpress.com

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  2. Alex Haley plagiarized the story meaning he stole it from another black writer and the NAACP bankrolled his court case. Look it up for yourselves. Haley was not descendant of Kunta Kinte.


    • Thanks for your comment and thanks for visiting studiotj. Sure the work of “Roots” by famed author Alex Haley has had its’ share of controversy over the years. However it seems to have endured as the networks are continuing to show “Roots”. Additionally the case has been settled in court. The mini series is great for TV and has certainly great for audiences worldwide. Michael Jackson has a song called “Tabloid Junkie”. I’ll leave you with some of the lyrics that seem appropriate here: “Just because you read it in a magazine or see it on the TV screen don’t make it factual”.


    • Thank you for stopping by as well. I just re-read your post “A God Opportunity Almost Missed” ad I really enjoyed it the second time around. How many opportunities do we miss regularly???…


  3. I know where the actual grave site is, off of Mount olive rd. Spotsylvania Virginia. My grandparents are Waller. My grandfather knows a whole lot about the burial ground. He says that he’s related to kunta.

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    • WOW!!! That’s very interesting Ben. What’s been so intriguing is that this initial post was done about 3 years ago and everyday someone clicks on or comments on it. Thank you for your comment. I may have to look at this story again and write more on it.


      • I’ve been living in Fredericksburg/ spotsylvaina all my life my parents and grandparents and other ancestry told me all my life. Kunta Kinte and yes that the gave site and the Plantation isn’t too far from there so please come learn so of our history that school don’t teach you …Wallers church and all there’s more to see

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  5. Wonderful post. Now that’s a trip worth taking.
    In St. Augustine Florida they have a huge slab of concrete with iron rings cemented into the slab where they used to hook the slaves ankle irons. Thee is a plaque about the story. It was so sad but it was there as a reminder of the horror those poor people had to withstand, and so it never happens again. St. Augustine was the first city in Florida.

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    • Thanks you!!! I’ve actually been there and seen it myself. St. Augustine is really a beautiful city. I loved walking around seeing all of the places that were firsts for the pilgrims as they settled here in America like the schoolhouse as well as other places. It is indeed a horror story about what they had to withstand but I truly honor their memory!!!


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