I had a conversation yesterday with a co-worker. As we were talking, something came up about his 9 year old son acting out and speaking inappropriately to him. I interjected that he needed to immediately get a handle on that situation. In 100% of the cases where kids are acting this way, I blame… the parent. Kids cry out in many ways for attention and too many parents allow their kids to continue to act out. At an early age, parents should instill in the child what is proper and correct. There are evolving responsibilities that a person learns throughout life, and if those tasks are not learned at the critical points, it becomes more difficult. Parents must realize that they are not a buddy but a person who is due respect and obedience. This must be made clear from a very early age.
The parent that neglects to foster this type of parent/child relationship will soon regret it. I know of a lady right now who has serious problems with one of her now adult children simply because she failed to establish appropriate boundaries during the child’s early years. She now blames the child for the blatant disrespect that is shown. I contend that this all could have been combatted had the parent established proper parameters much earlier in the child’s life. I also remember a friend in college who told me that his mom was an attorney. He said that she gave him everything that he wanted and none of what he needed. He said that he needed her time and love. This caused him to resent his mom. Parenting is hard but rewarding work. Make sure that you are not taking shortcuts that will be detrimental to both you and your child.

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