Today I want to talk about relationships. I’m no expert but trust me, I know what I need to know.
I recently had a conversation with a friend who is very concerned about his wife’s phone usage. According to him, she can’t put the phone down. At home, she always has her cell phone within arms reach or somewhere on her person. She’s constantly texting as well. They’ve had numerous exchanges about this situation. I also remember that before they got married (a little over a year ago) that was one of the issues that they had. He still married her. This situation is still a cause for contention in their marriage.
I can’t understand why. She is a grown woman who revealed herself before the marriage. He went into the marriage full aware that this is who she was and what she did. Perhaps he did what many people do before marriage. He thought that he would marry her… and change her. Now he’s ready to fight (not physically).
My advise to him is as follows: Are you sure this is a battle that you want to have. I think that each person should pick their battles. And as the saying goes: you may win the battle, but not the war. I recently read something on a radio personality’s website that said: “Picking your battles is a skill that will save you so much time, energy, sleepless nights, and frustration. Plus, it’s better to be known for how you LOVE as opposed to your ability to ‘check’.”
‘Check yourself’ and know that we are all different. She can’t be you and you can’t be her. Learn to embrace your differences and FIND YOUR OWN HAPPY PLACE…….


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