I was reading another blog yesterday and I ran across the following comment that took me to another level. I’ll give you a chance to read it before I comment:

“1. My main issue is Scientololgy. The religion teaches them to live free and without rules and boundaries which is already a set up for distruction especially for kids that are easily manipulated
Secondly, they’re not in school. Last time I mentioned this some folks got pissed but whatever. I understand they are rich and can hire someone to read the bathroom sign and wipe their azz for them but they need an education. Willow admitted to not being able to count because she is too busy
Jadan lives with Will and Willow lives with Jada on separate coast
I will spare you Will and Jada’s sex-capades with other folks lol”

First of all, I would have to ask, how does this commenter know so much about the lives of the Smith Family? This family seems to be doing great and they also seem to be quite balanced. If the kids can’t read or have an education, how are they able to learn the lines of the script of THE MOVIES they are playing in. AND they must be able to count a bit because making music involves keeping time with the beat.
I’m ashamed that we have evolved into a society where rumour and innuendo are the catch of the day and resides at the top of the menu. Where do any of us get off microscoping other’s lives when ours too are sooooooooooooooooo out of balance. And to add insult to injury, not only has this commenter gone into the bedroom of these individuals, but has insulted the children as well. What if people decided to write about the parenting skills (or lack thereof) of this commenter? Or better yet, what may or may not be going on in their bedroom. Additionally, because we are NOT the true and righteous judge, how can we have so much to say about someone else’s religion. It’s all a choice. To the person that made these insipid comments: GET YOUR LIFE!

1 thought on “GET YOUR LIFE!

  1. The commentator is basically reiterating what has already been broadcasted by the Smith Family. There is a video circulating on the web where Willow admits to struggling with school (specifically math) because of her “busy schedule.” What’s the priority? She also stated that she has a tutor that she works with 2 hours per week. Unfortunately, we live in a world that’s been consumed by money and fame and not what’s best for the kids. Jada is more concerned with Willow’s music career because hers failed. The fact that Willow can barely read and/or write has been pushed to the backburner. This is disturbing not only for the youth but our futures as well. In my youth, we were taught that there is no progress without struggle which lead to a productive adult. What’s wrong with educating Willow so she can write and produce her own music instead of buying songs from Souja Boy (Whip My Hair)? It takes time, patience, and parenting, traits that can’t be bought.

    Will and Jada have a right to raise their kids as they see fit but that doesn’t make it productive nor balanced. Being able to remember a script doesn’t equate to being educated. A dog can learn new tricks if it’s repetitive. So the kid being able to repeat a script doesn’t equip them with the skills needed to live and prosper in today’s society. Sadly, we’ve overlooked these issues because they were born into wealth and appear to be “balanced.” We’ve excused their abnormal behavior because they’re rich and can afford for someone else to read and count for them.

    It is shameful that we’ve evolved into rumors and gossip. However, it’s factual that Jaden and Willow look homeless, have dyed hair, admitted to being limited with schooling, lack structure, and real parenting. All of which have played a role in their recent behavior. Yes, Jaden is a mess on twitter and Willow has been reaching out for years (see recent letter she wrote to Tupac who’s been dead for how long).

    A simple Google search would streamline Scientology’s foundation and intentions. So although we don’t have the authority to judge, our common senses are still applicable.

    I will save their bedroom antics for another post 🙂


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