Did She Fake It?

It seems that one of the hottest trending topics as of late has been that of Beyonce’ potentially lip-synching at the Inauguration of President Barak Obama on January 21, 2013.
A spokesperson for the U.S. Marine Corps band told ABC News she did in fact lip synch. According to the spokesperson, Beyonce was not singing. It was Beyonce’s voice, but a pre-recorded version heard by about a million people in Washington and millions more on television.
True enough, Beyonce’ is a talented individual who has travelled and impacted the world with her music. But… there are may more pressing issues in this world. Consider literacy.
According to UNICEF, “Nearly a billion people will enter the 21st century unable to read a book or sign their names and two thirds of them are women.”
What an alarming statistic and even sadder is the is the notion that you don’t hear of many if any people talking about that.

2 thoughts on “Did She Fake It?

  1. Mrs. Be, could sing the top off of a mountain with or without music, bands, synthesizers, back-up and etc. God has given her a gift and it has put her before great men…..Millions upon millions were looking at her and she gave them something to see and hear. Great entertainment, Be!

    Now let’s cover more pertinent issues! Hunger, homelessness, horrible relationships and hostile work environments and more….


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